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Welcome to St. Paul's First School

St. Pauls First School is an inclusive Church of England School where every child is valued and supported to achieve their very best. We are proud of our pupils, our staff and the positive atmosphere we create through our focus on Christian values. Our core values are Community, Aspire, Respect and Endurance. At St. Paul’s we CARE and these values permeate all aspects of school life and across the wider school community. 

We are a small and friendly school which has one class per year group enabling us to develop good relationships with all of our children and their families. We welcome visits to our school where visitors will have a chance to see the day to day life here. 

Our aim is to ensure that all of our children become the best independent learners that they can become whether they join us in Nursery or further up the school. We want children from St. Paul’s to have positive learning behaviour and attitude to carry with them through life. To help the children develop these skills we have adopted our Learning Buddies:

  • Daring Daisy Dragon teaches children to challenge themselves
  • Mighty Max Mouse teaches them to persevere 
  • Studious Sally Sheep shows the children how to remain focused on their learning
  • Curious Colin Crocodile teaches them how to be curious and inquisitive
  • Helpful Harriet Hippo teaches them about collaborative learning
  • Leo Lion is a risk taker helping the children to learn that taking risks in their learning is a positive thing


At St Paul's School we base our curriculum for the whole school around the Cornerstones curriculum. We use the Chris Quigley Essentials skills grid to assess our children's learning and understanding. The aim of our curriculum is to extend pupils knowledge, skills and understanding through a range of interesting themes, designed to engage children of all abilities in today's world and to enable teachers to make learning exciting, active and meaningful. 

The curriculum at St Paul's is a knowledge and skills based curriculum which is split into half-termly topics, with each topic covering different subject areas such as Science, History, Geography, Art, D.T. and Music.
Literacy and Maths, RE and Modern Foreign Languages are not included in the schemes of work, but teachers will often take the opportunity to link work in those areas to their current topic.

Each Cornerstones theme is split into 4 areas:

  • Engage - during this stage the children will be given a 'hook' or a starting point for their learning. Something that engages their interest and stimulates their curiosity.
  • Develop - this is the longest stage where the majority of the time is spent. During this part of the theme, the children learn all of the new skills and develop their understanding.
  • Innovate - this important stage is where the children take control of their learning and work together in teams to complete a challenge. This stage enables teacher to assess the children's knowledge and understanding.
  • Celebrate - the end of the theme is an opportunity for the children to celebrate what they have learnt. Sometimes parents might be invited into school during this stage to share what the children have learnt

Early Years

The Foundation Stage applies to children from two years of age to the end of the Reception year. In our school, children can join us in Nursery when they are 3 years old and then move into Reception during the academic year that they will turn 5 years old.  The Foundation Stage helps to build on the child’s earliest experiences to provide a secure foundation for learning throughout their school years and beyond.
The early year’s education we offer our children is based on the following EYFS principles:

  • A unique child
  • Positive relationships
  • Enabling environments
  • Learning and development

RE & Worship

As a Church of England school we have a strong Christian ethos which permeates all aspects of school life. Our core values of Community, Aspire, Respect and Endurance are shared daily with the children and are modelled by staff consistently.

We want our children to have a sense of belonging and of responsibility to each other, our school community and the wider community around them. 

  • For children to have dreams and aspirations they need to be inspired to aspire. We make it one of our aims to inspire them to succeed and to see what great things can await them as they journey through life. 
  • Respect is an integral part in all that we do. Children are taught to show respect for each other, for responsible adults and for the world around them. We ensure that this is demonstrated daily in the way that we communicate with each other and how we behave. 
  • Finally we want all of our children to demonstrate endurance as they move through the school and continue their learning journey. Endurance is a key life skill where we learn that in order to succeed, we must sometimes fail and then begin again taking with us what we have learned from not succeeding at first. 

As a church school we have daily worship and a Worship Committee who work alongside Miss Roberts and Mrs Pope to ensure that it is a time of reflection on the Christian values which form the basis of our learning. 

Before &
After School

We provide out of hours childcare for all of our children both before and after school during term time. The sessions run from 7:30 am to 8:45 am and 3:15 pm to 5:30 pm each day. Children are taken to their classes for the start of the school day and picked up from them at the end. 

Each session is planned to offer a wide range of activities which will provide engagement and enjoyment to the different age ranges attending. These include creative activities, playing board games, role play, time and support to complete homework activities such as Timetables Rockstars and My Book Blog. Children are encouraged to play collaboratively across the age ranges and adults support this. 

Breakfast of toast, cereal and fruit is available every morning for children to choose from with water and milk also provided. After school children can bring in a packed ‘tea’ from home as well as have the provided snacks such as toast or crumpets. Again water, milk and fruit are always provided. 


St Paul’s CE (VC) First School
School Lane, Coven, South Staffordshire

Telephone: 01902 291124 Email: office@st-pauls-coven.staffs.sch.uk Website:www.stpaulscoven.co.uk/

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