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Please see below for all home learning resources

General Resources

Maths teaching strategies in EYFS and Y1

Maths teaching strategies in Y2, Y3 and Y4

British Values Resources EYFS

British Values

50 things to do at home

Cursive Alphabet Mat

Read Write Inc Letter Rhymes

RE - Easter Resource Pack

RE - Parables Resource Pack

RE - People of Faith Resource Pack 1

RE - People of Faith Resource Pack 2

RE - David - Courage Resource Pack

RE - David - Chosen Resource Pack

Web link to Oxford Owl Free e-Books

Web link to Hamilton Home Learning Resources

Web link to stories.audible.com

Web link to The Maths Factor

David Walliams audio stories

Ruth Miskin Phonics films

White Rose Maths

Web link to Square 1

Cornerstones Love To Read resources

Times Tables Cards

2 x table

3x table

4x table

5x table

6x table

7x table

8x table

9x table

10x table

11x table

12x table


Bunny Hop Pencil Control

Farm Cutting Skills

Five Senses Scavenger Hunt

Body Percussion

Environmental Sounds

I Spy Game

I Spy Checklist

Incy Wincy Spider Craft

Musycle Instructions

Musycle Drums

Musycle Guitars

Musycle Shakers

Minibeast Colour by Number

Nature Walk

Paper Bowl Ladybird Craft

Pizza Shape Colouring


Space Star Biscuits

Gingerbread Man Tracing

Toys Home Learning Challenge

Early Years Practical Learning Ideas


Early Learning Goals - Guide for Parents

Activities to Try at Home

Cardboard Tube Rocket Craft

Comparing Numbers to 10

CVC Word Activity

Counting and Ordering Numbers

Challenge Cards

Farm I Spy

Farm I Spy Checklist

Farm I Spy Answers

Emoji Face Cutting Task

Paper Plate Pets Craft Activity

Phonics Rhyming Strings Cards

Phonics Home Learning - Phase 2

Phonics Home Learning - Phase 3

Phonics Read and Race Game

Phonics Read and Race Game 2

Spring I Spy

Spring I Spy Checklist

Spring I Spy Answers

Tablespoon Biscuits Recipe

Early Years Practical Learning Ideas

Writing - Park Scene

Writing - Under the Sea

Writing - Classroom

Writing - Pirates

Writing - Summer Garden

Writing - Supermarket

Writing - Jungle

Writing - Dinosaurs

Writing - Healthy Eating

Year 1

2D Shape Chick Cutting

Y1 Common Exception Words

Y1 Creative Writing Task

Snakes and Ladders Addition to 20

Y1 Reading Guidance

Y1 Fiction Reading Task

Y1 Poetry Reading Task

Y1 Non-Fiction Reading Task

Y1 One More and One Less

Y1 Maths Booklet

Y1 Maths Booklet - Answers

Science - Animals including Humans

Science - Everyday Materials

Year 1 Practical Learning Ideas

Year 1 Home Pack

Year 2

Y2 Reading Guidance

Y2 Reading - Fiction

Y2 Reading - Poetry

Y2 Reading - Non-Fiction

Y2 Maths Booklet

Y2 Maths Booklet - Answers

Y2 Creative Writing Task

Easter Themed Basket Craft

Y2 Mystery Task

Times Tables Snakes and Ladders

Spelling - Spot The Mistakes

Science - Plants

Science - Everyday Materials

Year 2 Practical Learning Ideas

Year 2 Home Pack

Year 2 SATs Revision

Maths Test 1

Maths Test 2

Maths Test 3

Maths Test 4

Maths Test 5

Maths Test 6

Reasoning Test 1

Reasoning Test 1 Script

Reasoning Test 2

Reasoning Test 2 Script

Reasoning Test 3

Reasoning Test 3 Script


Reading Paper 1

Reading Paper 2

Reading Answers

Y2 Working Within the Expected Standard Booklet

Year 3

Maths Activity Booklet

Maths Activity Booklet - Answers

Y3 Times Tables Booklet

Skeleton Cut and Label

Nutrition Diary

Plant Game

Lifecycle Activity

Y3 Writing Task

The Mystery of the Missing Shield

Reading Guidance

Y3 Fiction Comprehension

Y3 Non-Fiction Comprehension

Y3 Poetry Comprehension

Easter Chick Paper Model

Year 3 Practical Learning Ideas

Year 3 Home Pack

Year 4

Maths Activity Booklet

Times Tables Games

Sight and Sound Writing Activity

Science States of Matter Crossword

Science Water Cycle

Easter Origami Carrot

Easter Origami Egg

Easter Origami Bunny

St George's Day - Mystery of the Missing Horse

St George's Day - Mystery of the Missing Horse - Answers

Reading Revision Mats Guidance

Reading - Fiction Comprehension

Reading - Poetry Comprehension

Reading - Non-fiction Comprehension

Reading Comprehension Answers

Year 4 Practical Learning Ideas

Year 4 Home Pack