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At St. Paul’s First School we believe that Literacy is a fundamental life skill. Language is inextricably bound up with all the learning in our school. It is important for our children to master basic language skills to:

It is vital that the “language development” is planned and organised in such a way to provide an educational programme which is as consistent as possible for each child throughout the school and through which all children have opportunities to develop their language skills, concepts, attitudes and usages to the maximum. It is our philosophy that teachers are positive role models in achieving this.

The emphasis in our teaching of Literacy is on having respect for and building upon all of the children’s home experiences and language. We intend to develop and extend this via a safe, secure and stimulating environment where children are motivated, enabling them to achieve their potential in the areas of Literacy regardless of their gender or ethnic or social background.

Basic Skills Statement

Basic skills are the key to learning. At St. Paul’s First School we recognise that all subjects in the curriculum can be used to develop and nurture these necessary skills. We aim to incorporate the teaching of Basic Skills throughout the curriculum in order to enable St. Paul’s children to acquire the ability to read, write and speak English and use Mathematics at a level necessary to function at work and society in general.

1)General Aims

English is taught as a stand-alone subject daily for at least 1 hour in each Key Stage. In addition to this the children in Year 1 receive a Phonics lesson for at 1 hour daily. Guided Reading sessions and Reading lessons also take place each week with a rota for each ability differentiated group. Spelling lessons take place four times a week using the Read Write Inc. Spelling Programme. Handwriting lessons using the MSL Scheme also take place four times a week.

Handwriting information

In addition to these specific literacy based lessons, cross curricular activities are also serve as a way to practise and embed literacy skills.