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Computing Intent Statement

At St Paul’s First School, we embrace current and emerging technologies to facilitate the learning experience of the whole school community.

We aim for our children to be confident, competent and discerning users of digital technology which will prepare them for participation in a rapidly changing world; including programming, creating media and utilising online programs and softwares.

Through well trained, skilled and motivated staff, as well as parental and external support, we encourage children to develop initiative, independent learning skills and celebrate success.

Our children have opportunities to gain access to ideas and experiences from a wide range of people, communities and cultures. We also seek to broaden children’s understanding through educational visits, visitors, exploration and discovery. Within school, we aim to explore the digital world safely and sensibly, using technology as resource for learning in other subjects.

Throughout the different Key Stages we aim for our curriculum to be progressive and develop pupils understanding of  digital literacy, computational thinking and information technology.

Computing Skills Years 1-4