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Phonics / Reading


Read Write Inc Programme:


Who is Read Write Inc. for?


The Read Write Inc. programme is for primary school children learning to read.


Using our method:


  • Children in the early years learn to read confidently and fluently.
  • Older children with reading difficulties make fast progress.
  • Children with specific learning difficulties learn to read.


The Read Write Inc. programme is also used with great success to support children of all ages who have been designated as dyslexic.


The reading teacher is guided from the very beginning to help the children become confident and fluent readers (the first time they learn).


Why does it work?


  • The systematic and lively programme is organised by an in-school manager
  • All staff (teachers and assistants) are trained together by one of our trainers who has taught and managed the programme (no cascade training is used)
  • The children read and write for an hour each day, grouped according to their reading level. (Two, 20-minute sessions for Reception children.)
  • Children do not struggle because the work is too difficult or get bored because the work is too easy.
  • A few children who need extra support to maintain progress work with a reading tutor (teaching assistant) for 10 minutes in the afternoons to ensure that they do not fall behind their peers


In Nursery all children

  • Learn the first 30 sounds in   short daily sessions.

In Reception children learn to

  • Read storybooks and non-fiction books closely matched to their   developing phonic knowledge
  • Take home Phonics storybooks to   share 
  • Read with fluency and expression
  • Learn to spell using known   sounds 
  • Write confidently by practising   what they want to write out loud first 
  • Work well with a partner.

By the end of Year 1 all   children

  • Are accurate and speedy readers.



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